My name is Cade Roster. I make art for a living. I do what I can with what I got. I love Lego. I hope you do too.

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concept motorcycle


Had fun playing with my sons’ Lego lately.  Made these two guys using their parts only, with the exception of a light brick.  I haven’t used a light brick before so this was a pretty fun experiment, plus the challenge of using someone else’s bricks, even if its someone in the family.

The second guy was just a random suit made roughly the same way with spare bricks.  I’m happiest with the shoulders.  The torso is still a work in progress.

Neo-Brawlers; The goofy one.

More of the Neo-Brawlers.  Their backs are pretty dull.  

I don’t know why I ever called these guys Brawlers in the first place.  

Neo-Brawlers.  Working with some triangular parts for a change of pace.